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Last year, my goal was simply to run a marathon, start Jconceptz with my sister and go on a solo trip; all of which I’ve never done before and bingo I achieved them all. So I’m motivated, encouraged and challenged this year once again to set new goals, overcome new limits and break boundaries.
You see, I have found that the secret to meeting your goals is not to set too many goals and that the beginning of the year is not the only time to set goals, anytime you feel like it is a good time to set goals. Your goal may be for the day, the week or month.
This year, set realistic and achievable goals for yourself, write your goals down and put a check mark next to it when its achieved. Be encouraged!
marathon photo

Fashion tip: invest in some great camisoles, it’s a wardrobe asset. You can wear it to work with a jacket, take off the jacket and run around in it after work and throw on some pumps to hang out with friends, for a dinner party or just after hours with co-workers.

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