JConceptZ is an online fashion store focused on ladies. All year round, we seek top fashions and styles from fabulous stores and brands all over the world to deliver the best at an AFFORDABLE prize to “YOU”, right at your doorstep!

We are passionate about supporting you to create “YOUR” own style! You want to look beautiful, chic, confident, stylish and unique?  JconceptZ gives you unlimited supply of amazing and elegant concepts to launch the wardrobe of your dreams.

Every day we work tirelessly to help you find the fashion that defines “YOU” and helps you find the “ONE”

Meet the Team

pic2Toyin Bello- McCaughan –Chief Executive Officer  

Profile: Toyin has a business degree and is also a registered nurse in the USA. She is responsible for defining the vision for the company and achieving our strategic objectives.  Toyin is a world traveler, professional shopper, stylist and recreational athlete.

Toyin’s personal note to Jconceptznistas:

I love fashion, I love to travel and I’m obsessed with fitness. Shopping particularly gives me a thrill like nothing else!

I developed the idea of JconceptZ after a lot of friends would call me to give them ideas on how to put their clothes together , what to wear to an important occasion or about the right choice of accessories. I am creating JconceptZ with my sister who nearly loves fashion and shopping as much as I do.

Our goal is not only to provide you with a website to shop, it’s also to help you develop your confidence and bring out the best in YOU! Look out for daily blogs where we will hold discussions on fashion, health, fitness and travel.

PS: remember just one accessory might change your entire look – take YOU from fab to fabulous

pic1Abisola Adefarati – Director

is a Chartered Accountant with over 13 years experience in Accounting, Project Management, Consulting, Treasury and Tax.

Bisola’s personal note to Jconceptznistas:

I developed my passion for shopping at a very young age; spending time over the holidays to help at my mother’s textile retail store. It involved understanding and meeting the needs of her diverse customers through an astute knowledge of trends, eye for quality and a passion to serve others. Even though I ended up becoming an Accountant, the thrill of discovering the “ONE” has stayed with me. The “ONE” for my mum was that textile design that our customers loved so much that they kept them coming back to our store for more.

Although Toyin and I do not work at our mum’s store anymore, we haven’t stopped shopping for the “ONE”. It’s the same scream of delight and laughter whenever we find what we consider to be the perfect dress, accessory or shoe. You should have heard us when shopping for our graduation clothes, our first day at work clothes, wedding outfits, baby clothes etc. Every shopping experience for us is a taste of heaven.

Over the years, we have maintained a strong bond as sisters and continue to share pleasurable shopping moments together. We intend to continue the family tradition of shopping for others and are happy to invite you to join the JConceptZ family.